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  Thank you for your interest in the AVRO-RD-01-201 trial, a Phase 2, open-label, multinational study designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of AVR-RD-01, an ex vivo, lentiviral vector-mediated gene therapy, in individuals who have had no enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) in the last 10 years and are chaperone therapy-naïve (have never received chaperone therapy) for classic Fabry disease that is being sponsored by AVROBIO (

As the development program for AVRO-RD-01-201 progresses we are actively looking for male patients diagnosed with classic Fabry disease, particularly those interested in participating in clinical trials.

Please help patients with Fabry disease have an opportunity to be treated in clinical trials with the investigational ex vivo gene therapy AVR-RD-01 by filling out this brief survey--we would even like to hear from you if you've treated Fabry patients who are now deceased, lost to follow up, or if you have no experience with Fabry disease!

To begin this short survey, please click “next”, going all the way to the end and clicking on "done" to provide your information. All items noted with a red "*" are required. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Sincerely yours,

Shari Fallet , DO
Director, Fabry Clinical Lead